graphic designer
Hoopla Ocular Ltd. based in Portmore, Jamaica, is seeking talented, passionate, Game changers to join our team.

We are Growing - Graphic/Motion Designer

Roles & Responsibilities
• Create highly engaging designs/animations for a diverse array of media and platforms (print, web, digital)
• Work with illustrators, designers, and instructional designers to understand the project scope and objectives
• Assist in the creation of animation storyboards
• Prepare conceptual layouts for the motion graphic projects
• Encoding, converting and editing videos and adding effects/elements to enhance motion graphics
• Train and develop other team members in the use of animation software
• Keep abreast of advancements in animation as well as new techniques and technologies, contemporary trends
in product design and popular music to deliver cutting edge work
• Sketching/Ideation/Creation of Artwork
• Conceptualization of design concepts for various brands
• Designing for web, social and print placements as needs arise
• Crafting visual identity for respective clients
• Work directly under the Lead Designer and Creative Director in the execution of projects & designs
• Conceptualization of motion graphics and FX concepts for various brands
• Shoot and edit videos for select brands
• Creating for commercial and web ads, movie trailers, music videos, video signage, and content for mobile devices
• Candidate must also use video and photography equipment to capture images or audio devices for
multimedia projects
• They identify the best techniques and methods to communicate material
• Responsible for the creative process at different stages, including conceptualization, storyboarding, animating,
and editing
• Other duties may include key-framing and typography

How To Apply

Email your CV & Cover Letter Expressing your interest to [email protected] | Position title as the subject line or on the application form on our careers page.

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